Adventure Travel West

Adventure Travel West is an American travel company, specializing in exceptional trips throughout the Western United States and Hawaii.  Many of their tours are geared to the European market and are offered in German, French, Italian, Spanish and English. 

They are known for personalized, fast and attentive service.  Prices are very competitive, the quality is very high and their tour directors are among the best in the industry.  Motivated by creating quality vacation experiences at reasonable prices, they pride themselves with integrity, honesty, and a high degree of quality control where  every client and every tour is important. 

Their detailed, first hand location knowledge allows them to direct travelers to the most incredible places - both inside and outside the National Parks.  Many groups appreciate hidden sights, far away from the main tourist tracks, making their vacations unforgettable. 

Why Choose Adventure Travel West?
Formed in 1994, their goal is to be on the cutting edge of tour development in the Western USA.  Every year they design and source new products, while always retaining competitive pricing.  They continually invest time and effort into researching new destinations, hidden parks & museums, attractions, unusual or new accommodations, and special local outfitters.  They offer some of the lowest prices in the industry, yet pride themselves in superior service and high quality hotel accommodations. 

For small groups they use one of our 15 Passenger vans driven by the highly trained multi-lingual driver-guides.  They have an excellent safety record and are fully insured as required by the US Government. 

Adventure Travel West are one of the few companies that hold commercial use permits for most of the West’s National Parks, BLM and National Forests.  They comply with very high operations and safety standards in accordance with federal laws in order to have these permits.  All of the guides are certified First Aid and CPR and they are registered with the National Parks as official guides.