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Tauck is a leader in the creation of enriching travel experiences that enhance people’s lives by broadening their knowledge and fulfilling their dreams. Tauck a family company built on a timeless philosophy of integrity, innovation and respect. By exceeding customer expectations, continually build a loyal and dedicated following.

It's easy to see the world's sights. To stand in long lines, push through the crowds, and generally have the same standard-issue holiday as everyone else. But that's not good enough for Tauck, and it's not good enough for you. Tauck believe that travel should be easy. It should be fun. It should be worth your time and the price you paid. It should re-energize and transform. And above all else, it should be beyond the ordinary. Because how you see the world matters.

What type of Tauck Traveller are you ?

From cruising to rail excursions, family travel to holiday travel, trips to the great North American national parks or trips celebrating food, wine, fall foliage and nature, there are so many ways to travel with Tauck– you'll even find trips created with award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns; Earth Journeys, created by Tauck and BBC Earth.

Explore Tauck's different types of trips designed to meet many different interests and wish-lists!

Tauck Certified Agent

Less than 1% of travel agents can claim to be a Tauck Certified Agent, and Purely Escorted Tours is proud to be one of them.

As a Tauck Certified agent you can rest assure that we will help you plan your perfect holiday and recommend the right Tauck tour for you, we have undergone an intensive training programme and exam in order to achieve "Tauck Certified Agent" status.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have concerning Tauck, we will be more than happy to share our extensive knowledge on this award winning brand with you.

Tauck World Discovery

Since Tauck's first sightseeing excursions on the country roads of New England in 1925 and private charter flights to Nova Scotia in 1958... to air / land travels to the West in the 1960s (an industry first!)... journeys along the Yellow Roads of Europe... award-winning “voluntourism” projects in the national parks, Tauck has pioneered the best ways to discover landmark sights around the world. Today they offer guided sightseeing adventures filled with in-depth cultural exploration in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand... to give guests a comprehensive, insider look at the places they’ve dreamed of exploring. Whether you choose A Week In... journeys, pairing city sights with country delights, or a longer trip of 9 – 20 days, you’ll experience more of what you want to travel for in one inclusive, up-front price. 

Tauck Bridges

Travel can be life changing. It is transformational, eye-opening, exciting, wondrous and engaging for travelers of every age... Tauck's family vacations are designed to spark a passion, inspire a sense of wonder or enrich understanding – and when these experiences are shared with loved ones, they bring you closer together. Tauck take care of every detail of your holiday... so you can do, see and be together as a family on the adventures of a lifetime. 

Every Tauck Bridges adventure is expertly choreographed for families so that everyone has a great time, from children to parents to grandparents. Travel with knowledgeable, professional Tauck Directors who engage and inspire the whole family, Tauck Bridges trips are designed to immerse families in the places they visit with hands-on activities that connect everyone with the heart and soul of the destination

Tauck brings 88+ years of destination expertise – exclusive access for enriching family experiences, Hotels are handpicked with families in mind, and dining features regional cuisine, Authentic cultural experiences and exclusive events you can’t get if traveling on your own

Travel With Other Families, Travelling with like-minded grandparents, parents and children, rather than on your own makes the trip more fun when you share the excitement of discovery with new friends - Families that bond on tour often continue their friendships long after the excitement of the trip is over; Tauck Bridges trips often lead to lifelong friendships for everyone.


Tauck Culturious

One of the newest ways to travel with Tauck is also one of the best ways to become actively immersed in the local culture. Featuring small groups averaging 20 culturally curious travellers, Culturious small groups explore Western USA (summer and winter), Tuscany, Venice, the Loire Valley and Costa Rica. Imagine living la dolce vita in an Italian villa... dining on meals exquisitely prepared by a French “Rising Chef”... waking to the ocean surf from your tropical suite in a beachfront reserve... going on a Yellowstone wildlife safari with a naturalist – summer or winter... You'll stretch your legs on hikes, bike rides, rafting and kayak adventures... expand your taste buds at vineyards, farmers’ markets, picnics, barbecues and pub crawls... and broaden your horizons at art lectures, artisan workshops, in-the-know talks and history walks. Culturious is designed for those seeking a small-group travel experience. And the rewards are priceless. 

Tauck Events

Travel Experiences – In A Class By Themselves...

Theme Driven - Single departure, theme-driven one-of-a-kind travel experiences, Focus is on cultural, historical, nature or sports-oriented themes, Based in one destination with multi-night stays at 1 hotel – no packing or unpacking, Tauck has partnered with filmmaker Ken Burns to craft collaborative events based around the themes of Ken's films, with an opportunity to meet Ken Burns.

Exclusive Access - Tauck Events feature exclusive access to places and experiences you can't do on your own,  Small-group sightseeing tracks that are educational, participatory and mind-broadening, Go behind-the-scenes at key sites and venues often off-the-beaten track, Special "twists" and in-depth insights by local experts, Exclusive Private Gala Evening Events held in premier venues – cocktail receptions, special dinners, unique entertainment performances and presentations by noted experts

Personalized, Concierge Service - Tauck Events are guided by our Tauck Directors, the best in the travel industry, Warm, caring, attentive, professional and knowledgeable, Every detail is handled from arrival to departure; days are well choreographed, In the words of guest Philip I. Evertz of New Jersey on "Run For The Roses: The Kentucky Derby": "Every time we turned around, a Tauck Director was there to tend to our needs. I fully expected to find someone in my room at night to tuck me in and read me a story! Thanks for an extremely marvelous few days."

Behind-the-Scenes Insights From Noted... Historians, scholars, authors, and columnists, Musicians, singers, humorists, dance troupes and performing artists, Writers, media presenters, sports professionals, fashion designers and horticulturists.

Why travel with Tauck ?

Connecting People and Places with the Promise of an Inspirational Experience.
Every Trip, Every Cruise, Every Day... Personalized service, quality experience, inclusive value – that's the Tauck difference. To knowledge-seeking world travellers, Tauck is the premium guided travel experience, with all vacation details taken care of so that guests connect with people and places in every destination, every day. Our passion for travel, and our dedication to superlative service, makes every Tauck travel experience enriching and inspirational.

Personalized Service
We take care of every detail on your Tauck vacation so you completely connect with the destination
Our Tauck Directors provide warm, caring, thoughtful service throughout your trip
Each guest is treated as an individual, with their own needs understood
Guests share the experience with like-minded travellers

Quality Experience
Tauck's 90 years of destination expertise provides the best that each locale has to offer
Trips are seamlessly choreographed to maximize guests' time and invigorate their travel experience
Hotels carefully selected for comfort and location, dining featuring authentic regional cuisine, exclusive sightseeing / cultural events

Inclusive Value
One up-front price with virtually everything included
No hidden costs, no surprises and no options sold on tour
Over 100 cost components included on every land tour and small ship cruise
Our business is driven by word of mouth – positive referrals from past guests and travel professionals

All you need to know:

Are gratuities included?
The customary gratuity to the Tauck Director and Driver is not included on most Tauck trips. Such gratuities should be extended on a voluntary, individual basis and not done as a group. As an exception, there are some Tauck journeys in which the Tauck Director gratuity is included and/or a Driver gratuity will not be applicable. Information about Tauck Director and Driver gratuities specific to a destination is included within final tour documentation sent after a reservation has been paid in full.
All appropriate gratuities for luggage handling, bellman, doorman, dining room servers, housekeepers, local city guides, ship and train crew are included in the price of a Tauck trip.

Can I bring a wheelchair or motorized scooter?
Wheelchairs and certain types of motorized scooters can be accommodated on some Tauck journeys. It is best that you inquire for the specific journey you are interested in. As a general rule, wheelchairs and motorized scooters are not accepted for Tauck’s international and exotic destinations. The international community does not adhere to the same accessibility standards that hotels, restaurants and public buildings do in the United States. That combined with tour itineraries that might require a considerable bit of walking in old historic city sections, in and around attractions, over cobblestone streets, up hills and climbing staircases make wheelchairs impractical to bring.
Collapsible wheelchairs are more widely accepted for Tauck journeys within the United States and Canada. But even to this, there are exceptions so it always is best to inquire to be certain. Motor coach space limitations make motorized scooters harder to accommodate on journeys, but there are certain model collapsible motorized scooters that can be accommodated on many of Tauck’s North American journeys. Again, it is best to inquire.
Tauck cannot provide wheelchairs to guests or wheelchair assistance during the journey. Persons needing such assistance must be accompanied by an able companion.

Can special dietary needs be accommodated on a Tauck journey?
Many special dietary needs can be accommodated on Tauck journeys with advance notice but cannot be guaranteed. Different destinations make some dietary needs harder to accommodate than others. We will do everything possible in communicating your requests to hotels and restaurants. Common dietary requests like ‘ low sodium’ or ‘vegetarian’ are likely to be accommodated much easier than very special or unique dietary needs. Meals that are full a la carte offer more flexibility for special dietary requests as do some limited a la carte meals. For the occasional ‘set menu’ or ‘buffet meals’ on Tauck journeys, unique dietary needs may prove a bit more challenging.

Do Tauck journeys accommodate four guests in a room?
4 guests (or quads) cannot be accommodated on our journeys.

How do you choose your hotels?
When you travel with Tauck you can always count on the best available accommodations in great locations, from landmark city hotels to country hotels in areas of stunning regional beauty. Many companies use less expensive hotels to keep their prices down; they are often of lesser quality and poorly located in outlying areas. In contrast, Tauck hotels are selected for their central location, ambiance, service and value; most are conveniently located, close to key historic and cultural sights.

What is the age group of the people who take your journeys?
Tauck land trips and cruises are enjoyed by people of all ages, by anyone who has a passion for enriching, rewarding and memorable travel experiences. Our Tauck Bridges family adventures are designed for family travel and attract people of all ages and generations; Tauck Culturious trips appeal to "boomer" travellers looking for culturally immersive, active, small group travel.

What is the average group size of a Tauck journey?
The average group size of a Tauck journey varies depending on the trip that is selected. Most of our land and rail journeys average 35 to 44 guests. Some of Tauck’s cruise programs will average larger group sizes based on the capacity of a ship. While the group size can be larger for such cruise programs, the land touring and shore excursions are orchestrated in smaller group sizes.

What is the typical dress while on a Tauck journey?
Typical dress for any Tauck journey is casual attire. Some journeys may include a specific dinner function or an event in which gentleman may be required to have, or feel more comfortable wearing, a sport jacket. But overall the rule of thumb is casual comfortable clothing. Our final tour documentation will mention occasions (if any) on a journey in which a sport jacket or dressier clothing is suggested.

Who leads your journeys?
Tauck journeys are seen through the experienced eyes of our Tauck Directors, knowledgeable professionals whose expertise, wealth of information, friendliness, warmth and enthusiasm earn them the highest praise from our guests. They are the personifications of the word "leader." Tauck Directors are passionate in their desire to deliver enriching, rewarding and memorable travel experiences – and they are with you through your entire journey.

Will we be eating as a group for meals?
Tauck’s “free choice” dining allows you to eat many of your meals when you want and with whom you want. Special occasion dinners are held as group functions, and lunches that are included during group sightseeing excursions are often held in a group setting.

Are meals included on Tauck journeys?
Most meals are included on Tauck journeys. Dining is a delightful and integral part of the Tauck experience – and that is why Tauck selects restaurants that offer a true taste of each region you visit. Enjoy Tauck’s “free choice” dining where you often dine when and with whom you wish; some meals are full a la carte, some may be limited a la carte, and some may be from a set menu or buffet.

Is airfare included on Tauck journeys?
Airfare to the tour departure point and from the tour ending point on a Tauck journey is not included. Please contact Purely Escorted Tours and we will be happy to quote airfare with one of our airline partners.

What’s included in the price of a Tauck journey?
Just about everything! Virtually every travel expense is included in one up-front price – airport transfers as specified in the itinerary, all hotel and ship accommodations, entertainment, meals as specified in the itinerary, special dinner, land and cruise transportation, sightseeing, shore excursions, luggage handling, most taxes, concierge-style services Tauck Directors, services of local guides and more.
All appropriate gratuities for luggage handling, bellmen, doormen, dining room servers, ship staff and drivers are included. Tauck Director and Tauck Cruise Director (if applicable) gratuities are included on all small ship and river cruises and all Tauck Bridges trips (with the exception of the family departures on Egypt: Jewels of the Nile).
Over 100 cost components are included on every land trip and cruise – which means no hidden costs, no surcharges, no on-tour surprises!