Before Your Tour

Things to do before leaving

Forward your mail or arrange to have it collected by family, friends or neighbours. Alternatively, ask the post office to hold it.

Put a hold on newspaper & magazine deliveries. Or have a neighbour collect it. A full mailbox especially with bank statements and credit card bills can be a treasure trove for hackers and identity thieves (and suggests easy pickings for a home burglar). Pick up forms to hold or forward mail at any post office. Also, don't broadcast your travel plans on social networking websites.

Pay telephone, service provider accounts and bills before you go, so they will not be disconnected while you are away.

Ensure arrangements for your pets are in place.

Alert your credit card providers. Before you leave, let them know when, where and how long you'll be travelling. This helps fraud departments stop bogus charges if your plastic is used where you are not - and reduces the risk that your cards will be frozen due to "unusual activity" when you use them far from home. 

If you are taking your mobile/cell phone on tour contact your provider to ensure international ROAM is on or purchase a phone card to call home.

Turn off any preset alarm clocks and all electrical appliances at the switch.

Alert the airline if you have any special food consideration – vegetarian etc.

Inform neighbours & neighbourhood watch groups of your holiday dates.

Make sure your family & friends have copies of your overseas travel itinerary and hotels you will be staying at, in case they need to contact you.

Some airlines will allow you to check-in online and select your seats before you travel. You can also register online to receive an email or mobile/cell text message if your flight is going to be delayed.

Leave your cheque book at home. You shouldn't need it if you have credit cards. Leave your bills and private papers at home too.

Carry a spare. In addition to your real wallet, carry a throwaway with a few dollars and maybe some old hotel key cards. If you're accosted, hand over the spare wallet while keeping the real McCoy. The thief may see money and plastic, and be off and running ... and so can you.

Visit the island paradise of Bermuda

Our sister company, Purely Bermuda, is an award winning specialist for holidays to this idyllic British colony.  With its location just 650 miles east of North America's Atlantic Coast, it is even closer to London than New York, yet it enjoys a sub-tropical climate.  It is also a great add-on to an escorted tour of Eastern USA, being just two hours flying time from New York, Boston or Toronto.

Visit the Purely Bermuda website